Why mobile?

    • How far away from you is your phone at any point during the day?
    • People are using mobile devices everywhere and all the time. Why not be right there with them?
    • The number of mobile-connected devices already exceeds the number of people on earth (7 billion and counting...)


    • Mobile web traffic surpassed desktop (and laptop) traffic this year!
    • Global mobile traffic has more than doubled for the fourth year in a row
    • 52% of mobile users are unlikely to return to a website if they have trouble viewing it from their smartphone 



    • Some White Labels have created a sub-brand within their agency to sell mobile solutions. They are opening new doors by bundling traditional media services with the mobile websites
    • Some are starting businesses from the ground-up with mobile as the backbone.
    • The MobiFriendly platform allows you to create mobile websites for clients even if they don’t have a desktop website