• Who needs a wall charger when you can harness lightning?

    We’ve shared some pretty outrageous and awesome ways smartphone devices can be charged. This post is no different but perhaps, a little more extreme.

    Scientists from the University of Southampton with the help of mobile powerhouse, Nokia, are figuring out how harness the power emitted from a lightning bolt to charge a smartphone device, particularly, the Lumia 925.

    The thought of lightning may be a bit daunting but it has three advantages that most forms of electricity do not – it’s sustainable, readily available and renewable. Since getting a Lumia 925 out in the desert during an Arizona monsoon doesn’t seem like a viable option – you may wonder how Nokia was able to create a bolt for testing. See below:

    Nokia’s VP of Sales and Marketing, Chris Weber, told Phys.org, “As one of the first companies to introduce wireless charging into our products, we believe that this experiment has the potential to jump-start new ideas on how we charge our phones in the future.”

    Although this experiment is still in its early stages, it’s exciting to think these far-off ideas that stemmed from the future and science fiction may soon be readily available to us consumers.

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